You’re Going To Love Lactose-free Yogurts, Particularly If You’re Intolerant With Lactose

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According to the National Library of Medicine in the United States, around 65 percent of people worldwide have a decreased capacity to digest lactose when they reach adulthood. Perhaps we could all use a little less lactose in our lives? Lactose-free yoghurt is the answer.

lactose-free Yogurt From Green Valley Creamery

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Yes, this yoghurt contains dairy, but there isn’t a trace of lactose in it since the lactose in the milk has been filtered away. Furthermore, each 3/4 cup (one container) of plain yoghurt has just 8 grammas of sugar, all of which are naturally occurring sugars. The yoghurts of Green Valley Creamery are all USDA organically certified and humanely grown and managed.

 Probiotic Yogurt Activia Lactose-Free-

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With “billions of live and active probiotics in every cup,” according to their website, Activia has long been renowned for being high in numerous types of probiotics, which are vital for supporting good gut health. You may now buy probiotics that are good for your stomach without the lactose. Vanilla, strawberry, black cherry, and vanilla are among the four varieties of low-fat, lactose-free yoghurts offered by Activia.

Lactose-Free Liberté Classique Yogurt-

Liberté was started in 1936 in Montreal, Canada, with a single goal in mind: to make an exceptional dairy product using only fresh and basic ingredients. They continue to follow that objective today, and have even created a lactose-free version of their yoghurt under the classique brand. The creamy yoghurt is now available in two flavours: plain and vanilla.

Lactose-Free Yogurt Yoplait Lactose-Free Yogurt Yoplait Lactose-Free Yo-

Although this yoghurt is dairy-based, it does not include lactose since the milk used to make it is lactose-free. This brand of yoghurt now only comes in French vanilla and strawberry flavours, and while it’s excellent, it should be taken in moderation because one serving has 19 grammes of sugar.

Dairy-Free Yogurt from Good Plants-

Because Good Plants yoghurt is dairy-free, it is naturally lactose-free. Almond milk is used as the yogurt’s basis. What’s the best part? Only 100 calories and four grammes of sugar are contained in one 5.3-ounce cup. You may choose from four different flavours of Good Plants yoghurt: chocolate coconut, vanilla, strawberry, and lemon meringue.

Chobani Non-Dairy Yogurt is a non-dairy yoghurt made by Chobani.

Chobani is well-known for its famous Greek yoghurt brand, but did you know the business also produces a non-dairy yoghurt line? Chobani provides many kinds of plant-based—and hence lactose-free—yogurt made using a cultured coconut mix as the basis. Strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, peach, and somewhat sweet plain are among the flavours available.

Organic Dairy-Free Soy Yogurt from Stonyfield

Stonyfield’s dairy-free yoghurt is manufactured from soy milk, which means it has no lactose and is entirely vegan. Strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, and raspberry are the four flavours in the brand’s dairy-free range, each with 6 grammes of protein. That’s more than most non-dairy yoghurts have!


We have rounded out the greatest lactose-free yoghurts for which you will purchase right now, if you recently discovered a lactose sensitivity or just want to try out new yogurts.

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