Why Try Dairy Free Peanut Butter

dairy free peanut butter fudge

One of my favorite desserts is dairy-free peanut butter fudge. The thought of chocolate fudge on a stick with tons of marshmallows makes me jump for joy. I am also a big fan of fudge and think it is one of the best ways to eat dessert. However, I always go dairy-free, so I don’t have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings when I pour that creamy sauce over their dessert. This is not only for those who are on a dairy-free diet. It is also great for those who love fudge but do not want it to contact their pet. My dogs are organic, so the chocolate is completely safe for them. But if you are allergic or sensitive to dairy, this might not be the right recipe.

Check Out The Atkins Diet

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If you have trouble finding dairy-free recipes online, I would suggest checking out the Atkins Diet. They have a nice recipe for a dairy-free hotdog dip that is very easy to make. You can also use eggs in place of the milk with this recipe. While searching online, you may find a few websites that offer substitute ingredients for milk or cream. For example, I have used yogurt and cottage cheese in place of milk. If you have trouble locating those products, I would suggest trying them out. They usually taste good and do not cause any reactions in most people. You have to be careful about using too much cream or dairy.

Four Simple Ingredients

To make this delicious dairy-free recipe, all you need are four simple ingredients. You will need brown sugar, soy milk, eggs, and vanilla extract. All of these ingredients can be found in a local grocery store or a cookware department of your local kitchen specialty store. The yogurt and cottage cheese are very inexpensive, so try to use those instead of the more expensive brands. I typically find the organic brands to be just as good as the more expensive brands. To begin, you need to create cookie dough. You can use an electronic or mechanical food processor to grind the flaxseed and other ingredients into a fine mixture. Next, you will add brown sugar, soy milk, and vanilla. Once you have all of your ingredients mixed, you can now make your homemade peanut butter cookies. Place the mixture into a double boiler and allow it to heat up until it begins to steam.

Allow Cookies To Cool

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When your cookies are finished cooking, you remove them from the oven and allow them to cool. These delicious cookies are so addictive, and I want to eat them right now! One of my friends tried them and was fascinated by how they were so easy to prepare and yet so delicious. She told me that the secret to making them taste great was by utilizing frozen bananas and oatmeal. I tried it and was amazed at how easy it was. The frozen bananas and the delicious oatmeal help to thicken the mixture and give it that velvety texture.

 You Need A Little Creativity And Ingenuity

If you love cookies but hate the high-sugar content, you can still enjoy all of your favorite cookie recipes. All you need is a little creativity and ingenuity. By substituting natural sweeteners for sugar, you can significantly reduce your overall blood sugar level and improve your health. These dairy-free recipes will help you live a healthier life and have more fun at the same time. You can replace traditional butter with dairy-free peanut butter, making each of your cookies unique and flavorful! My favorite is the vegan butter cookie. This recipe uses a vegan chocolate chip cookie and has no vegetable fat. It has a nice, fluffy texture with a mildly sweet, nutty flavor. When preparing this peanut butter cookie, I use peanut butter instead of vegetable oil because it has a much lower fat content than the oil.

Summing Up

There are dozens of other terrific dairy-free recipes for you to try. Once you try these recipes, you’ll wonder how you could live with foods without dairy in them. Even if you don’t like them all, you will surely enjoy the various dishes to prepare for dairy-free diets. I encourage you to experiment and make some of your dairy-free favorites. Many recipes call for yogurt, cottage cheese, or sour cream.

I enjoy experimenting with new flavors and new ingredients. If you enjoy experimenting with new things, this is an excellent way to do it! Take some time to look through some of the recipes available online. You’ll be amazed at the variety of recipes that you can prepare to use items that most people have on hand at home! The healthiest and tastiest foods you can eat are right around the corner, waiting for you to try them out!

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