Turmeric Milk Side Effects: Know About The Turmeric Side Effects

turmeric milk side effects

Turmeric in massive quantities, as well as various turmeric extracts, are tolerated well by most people, and curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been shown to have an excellent safety profile even with large doses, making turmeric side effects largely a non-issue.

The people of India have been consuming turmeric for over 2000 years, and it enjoys a rich heritage in folk medicine. In the Indian traditional medical system of Ayurveda, turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory spice as well as a remedy for stomach discomfort and digestion problems.

Turmeric Side Effect

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Even consumed raw, there are rarely any turmeric side effects, and raw consumption is considered to improve bone strength and formation. It is conventionally served in milk prior to bed. The famously long-living people of Okinawa enjoy turmeric tea.

Used topically in the form of lotions, creams, or pastes, the spice exhibits no turmeric side effects and actually acts as an antiseptic to be applied to cuts, bruises, and burns.

Some minor turmeric side effects have been noted in several studies using large dosages of the extract form. A few of these include:

-Stomach discomfort (mostly resulting from prolonged high-dose supplementation)

-Distress of the Liver

-Indigestion (this was discovered when being investigated in the treatment of stomach ulcers)





Pregnant women may wish to avoid large doses of curcumin as it is a blood thinner. However, it should be noted that many pharmaceutical blood thinners such as ibuprofen carry a number of potentially dangerous side effects and yet are available over the counter and taken daily by hordes of people. Turmeric milk side effects are relatively rare and mild and present a natural option that not only thins the blood but acts in a number of beneficial ways, including the reduction of systemic inflammation, which is the primary cause of autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

Other Effects

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Also, due to the blood-thinning turmeric effects, individuals scheduled for surgery should stop taking consuming any curcumin in pill form, although a meal of turmeric-based curry should not have a significant impact in this regard.

For general health maintenance and disease prevention, turmeric and various turmeric (curcumin) preparations are rather safe when used in recommended doses. In the last several years, there have also been great gains in preparing the supplement in such a way as to increase bioavailability (and thus its positive action) significantly. All in all, turmeric side effects are nothing to be concerned about, and the health benefits of this supplement far outweigh any mild discomforts that may result from high-dose supplementation.

Bottom Line

Turmeric milk is no doubt best for our health, but drinking too much is not good for our health. It generates some side effects in our bodies. Thus, it is important to have the drink within the limit if you want to drink. Apart from this, consult your doctor before drinking this kind of drink for a long time. Thus you will be safe and healthy for a long time. 

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