Top 5 Lactose-Free Milk Almond Brands

Lactose-free Milk Almond

Almond milk drinks are a great alternative if you’re cutting down on dairy. These drinks have no cow’s milk or any other animal productions, so this will work best if you’re on a diet and if you’re lactose-intolerant as well. We’ve sorted out the top 5 best lactose-free milk almond brands for you.

In choosing the perfect almond milk drink, you must be cautious of its ingredients. Make sure to select drinks that have unsweetened flavors, coupled with enriched nutrients, carrageenan-free, and finally, the ingredients list should be as short as possible.

Pacific Foods

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This lactose-free milk almond brand contains organic almonds in its ingredients. Besides its simple ingredients, they are equally nutritious as well. Moreover, they ensure a mild roast with the almonds to still let its genuine taste stand out.

Pacific Foods offers delicious vanilla flavor, but it’s also low fat, so you can drink as many as you want. You can drink it by the glass, pour it over your cereal, or mix it up with your smoothies, and to any other recipes that you can think of.


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Silk’s Pure Almond Vanilla is what you’re looking for if you’re all in for the taste! Its almond milk works well on its own, but you can include it in your baking recipes or even with your favorite coffee.

This brand may give the most flavorsome almond drink, but it still manages to ensure nutritional factors. Plus, this is free from dairy, lactose, and casein. One of the best milk brands even in non-lamon varieties.

Blue Diamond

If you’re on a budget, Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze milk is for you. This one’s at a lower price but this brand didn’t lack any vitamin and calcium components. Many consider this brand because it is affordable and still tastes delicious.

You can pair this with your cookie or use this on your baking sessions. Blue Diamond has many kinds of milk that will satisfy your needs. This particular type is rich in vitamins and very healthy.


Elmhurst’s Milked Almonds give us the most stunning packaging! Besides its attractive packaging, this brand also provides an enormous protein amount in their almond milk. Plus, this almond milk drink has no added sugar, so that you can include it in your diet without any hesitation. Also, if you are on a diet, consuming this milk is not an issue.

Califia Farms

Califia Farm’s Unsweetened Almond milk drink has no added sugar too! Plus, their ingredients are composed of gellan and locust bean gum to lengthen the milk’s shelf life. Use this milk when you are on a diet and want no lactose in your system.

Almond milk is very tasty and healthy. People who are on a diet plan like to use this because it is lactose-free and dairy-free. If you are allergic to lactose and dairy, the brands are perfect for you. Choose one and share what is the yummiest kind for you. What’s your favorite lactose-free milk almond brand on our list? Share them with us!

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