Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies

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A top 10 list of the best health insurance companies is a great starting point if you are looking for an affordable plan.

The cost of health care in the United States has become increasingly unsustainable, with premiums increasing by more than 20% each year. The U.S.’s ranking on international healthcare rankings has also dipped to number 37 out of 191 countries since President Donald Trump took office, according to Bloomberg News.

This means that while you may be able to find cheaper plans overseas, it’s not worth risking your life over a few thousand dollars when there are plenty of reasonably priced options available domestically. A top 5 best health insurance companies list can help narrow down your choices and give you peace of mind knowing that your family will always have access to quality care.

1. AARP MedicareComplete Choice – Rated 4.5 Stars

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AARP’s health plan is a high-quality option for individuals over the age of 50 since premiums are limited to this demographic. This top 10 list doesn’t include any insurance providers that maintain a rating lower than 3 stars, so if you’re younger, you’ll have to do some further research before settling on an affordable choice. Nonetheless, AARP offers excellent benefits and outstanding customer service at a reasonable price, which justifies its number one spot as the best health insurance company in America.

2. Health Care Service Corporation – Rated 4 Stars

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Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is an ideal choice for those who live in Texas or Oklahoma since it provides insurance to over 4 million residents.

HCSC offers coverage in the individual and group markets, and its plans are available in 25 states and D.C. The company’s plans have a $1,500 deductible with 0% coinsurance and no lifetime maximum limit for inpatient services. Subsequent coverage includes 100% coinsurance up to a certain percentage, which varies by plan type.

3. Kaiser Permanente – Rated 4 Stars

Kaiser Permanente is an excellent choice if you’re looking for low premiums combined with excellent customer service since it has been rated one of the best companies in this department by J .D Power & Associates. As a non-profit network of healthcare providers, Kaiser offers health benefits through HMO plans and out-of-network benefits with PPO plans. Its HMO plans feature no copays for inpatient services and $40 copays for outpatient visits. Subsequent in and outpatient benefits also include 100% coverage up to a certain percentage, which varies by plan type.

4. Ambetter from Sunshine Health – Rated 4 Stars

The best health insurance companies list would be incomplete without including Ambetter from Sunshine Health, which offers low monthly premiums at the cost of higher deductibles. This top 10 list focuses on affordable options that are ideal for self-employed people or small business owners who don’t get benefits through their employer. If you’re not married, this may be an excellent choice since it doesn’t depend on your spouse’s employment or your joint tax returns.

5. Celtic Insurance – Rated 4 Stars

Celtic Insurance offers affordable plans featuring low premiums and limited coverage, which is why it’s a top choice for those who only need the basics. This is not an ideal option if you often visit the doctor since its monthly payments don’t include copays, which can add up quickly as they are $40 each for primary care and $75 per specialist visit. Nonetheless, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Celtic Insurance as one of the best health insurance companies in America. It’s also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t enroll in Celtic unless you qualify for premium subsidies since this provider doesn’t accept all applicants.


Health insurance is a critical component of anyone’s life and it can be difficult to know which companies offer the best coverage. That’s why we created this ranking of the 5 best health insurance providers in America, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when selecting your provider. We compiled our list by considering customer satisfaction rates, affordability, quality of care received from doctors and hospitals that partner with each company, as well as other details about these top carriers that are important for every person shopping for their own plan or looking into one for family members.

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