The Most Convenient And Amazing Recipe Of Homemade Lactose-Free Yogurt

homemade lactose free yogurt

A rich homemade lactose-free yogurt means you can enjoy natural dairy yogurt without any pain of eating dairy. And, all it requires is just one night of ‘hands-off’ work. Now, you can make lactose-free yogurt without the high sugar levels, and additives often found in several commercial products. Regular milk and traditional live cultures provide a delicious, pure yogurt with a natural tart flavor at home. In general, yogurt characteristics are influenced not only by the method used to prepare it but also by the choice of milk. Milk from different animals and milk further processed in different ways can differ in yogurt’s texture and thickness. Although most milk will culture well, there are some essential factors to consider while making yogurt. Yogurt culture wants kinds of milk that have not altered beyond simple pasteurization. Powdered milk, lactose-free or lactose-reduced, milk with additives such as omegas will probably not work. This homemade lactose-free yogurt is very nutritious, and regularly taking it can boost several aspects of your health. Also, it reduces the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis and helps in weight and management. 

Know-How To Prepare Homemade Lactose-Free Yogurt 

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Before you begin with the homemade lactose-free yogurt, it is essential to sterilize the yogurt to make a glass jar, lid, or other utensils. Come along to know more. 


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  1. Measure the appropriate quantity of lactose-free milk to fill the yogurt maker, and pour it into a large, clean saucepan. 
  2. Now, boil the milk for around 2-10 minutes. The longer, the better. Boiling the milk at high temperatures denatures the milk proteins, which thickens the yogurt. 
  3. Cover the milk and let it cool by filling a bowl with cold water and setting the pot of heated milk in the cold water. When the milk cools, a layer of skin will come on top. Leaving this on does not produce lumpy yogurt. 
  4. After it, pour the milk into the yogurt, making a glass jar. 
  5. Now, open a packet of yogurt starter culture and pour it into the milk while whisking so that the grains of culture get evenly scattered. 
  6. Then, secure the glass yogurt jar with a lid and place it into the yogurt maker. 
  7. Pour water gradually into the base. Do not fill the water over the ‘tall line’ visible on the inside wall of the yogurt maker. 
  8. Place the cover lid on the top. The milk is now ready to begin fermentation. 
  9. After this, set the time and temperature and press confirm to begin incubation. A more extended period of fermentation will result in a tarter-tasting yogurt. 
  10. Be careful while removing the cover lid, and let water drip into the bath instead of your bench. Switch the yogurt maker off and remove the yogurt jar. You will see your yogurt runny and warm. 
  11. Don’t stir the homemade lactose-free yogurt. Otherwise, it won’t set in a perfect white mass. 
  12. Your homemade lactose-free yogurt is ready to eat. 


This article brings you a unique and convenient recipe for homemade lactose-free yogurt. Do give it a try and share your results! 

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