Some Of The Best Cow Milk Alternative For Babies

cow milk alternative for babies

Milk is on the top of grocery lists for many families, but many children and infants are allergic to milk protein. Sometimes, the children can not digest the sugar in cow’s milk or because they don’t like the taste. Such families can opt from a growing array of cow’s milk substitutes that now fill the dairy aisle. Is your child also allergic to cow’s milk? Then don’t worry! You can opt out of an alternative to feed your baby.

The nutritional content in the alternative dairy products is essential for the parents to be aware of while shopping. Choices range from other animal-based beverages such as goat’s milk, buffalo milk, sheep milk to products made from nuts like almond milk and other plants. There are so many alternatives for milk that you can pick up as the cow milk alternative for babies.

Buffalo Milk- Best Cow Milk Alternative For Babies

Buffalo milk is full of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron, which are necessary for your child’s proper and healthy growth. Plus, the regular consumption of buffalo milk is known to keep away bone diseases, including osteoporosis. Besides, calcium is known to be the building blocks of bones, and that’s why drinking buffalo milk regularly can help reduce the risk of arthritis. In addition, buffalo milk contains 9 amino acids and gives around 8.5g of protein.

Goat’s Milk

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Goat milk has specific unique attributes that are of particular significance in human nutrition. For example, the coagulum is light, and the fat globules are small in size, concerning that of cow’s milk that makes it easier to digest. Plus, it helps build bones, has anti-inflammatory properties, increases immunity and metabolism, and even lactose-intolerant bodies have made it easier to take goat’s milk. However, it is best not to give your baby goat milk as his main drink until he is at least one year old.

Sheep Milk

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If breastfeeding is going well for your baby and you, it is ok to carry on breastfeeding your baby until its first birthday. Besides, if you choose to feed your baby with sheep milk, make sure the sheep milk is pasteurized and processed well. The sheep milk formulas meet the same nutritional standards as the formulas based on the cow’s milk. Then, when your baby gets six months old, you can move your child to goat milk as per your pediatrician’s advice.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is another prevalent option for cow milk alternatives for babies. It is full of nutrients and protein and has many vitamins and antioxidants. Furthermore, you can often use it in baking recipes or as a topping for cereal. Also, it is a great source to gain fiber that can help eliminate intestinal bloating and gas.

Final Words

Babies need a high level of nutrients and vitamins for proper growth and development. So now you know what you need to rely on products to select the best cow milk alternative for babies. Now you can choose anyone out of the milk mentioned above.

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