Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle For Hair Coloring And Highlighting

Coloring hair has always been a trend, especially for women. There are many different ways to color hair. People do not settle for one color they go rainbow. It is easy when someone wishes to color their hair in one color all over. But on today’s date that hardly happens. Men and women have become very experimental with their hair. The funky vibrant look is very popular among teenagers. Well, hair color is not specific, anyone can color their hair but the ways can be varied. Many people today like multi-color hair, and it is not just with two partitions, but more. These silicone caps help to partition the hair just perfectly in line.     

Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle For Hair Coloring And Highlighting

The silicone caps are very easy and convenient to use when you are trying to color or highlight your hair. The cap is made of quality silicone with patterned holes in it to pull hair one wishes to color. These caps stick to your head and will not get off while pulling the hair. Despite being thin, they are strong and can hold a strong pull. These caps are transparent, so one can know which section of hair to pull out through those holes. Even the color caps are quite transparent. You just need to wear it like a regular cap and take out the sections of hair through the holes you wish to color with help the needle. The needle helps to pick the right amount of hair from a particular section. The cap surface is soft and causes no harm to hair or on the scalp. With this cap, you can get your hair colored perfectly as you want. This cap is perfect and very useful for people who wish to highlight their hair, to get the highlight color even on the hair.

Buy your Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle For Hair Coloring And Highlighting.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: approx. 23.3 x 8.5 cm
  • Package includes:
  • (1) Cap
  • (1) Needle
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  • Helps to pick a section/partition the hair.
  • Silicone caps are durable.
  • Silone caps can be washed.
  • These caps are reusable.
  • Comfortable on the head.
  • The cap has a strong body.
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  • Silicone caps are quite expensive.
  • Difficult to pull curly hair.
  • Pulling with the needle can hurt sometimes.


Silicone caps save you from all the mess. The colors are well separated and do not mix giving a clean-colored hair look. The traditional way of coloring hair may lack its ability here when it comes to coloring hair with more than two colors. It is very time-consuming to color hair with the traditional method. With a silicon cap, one can create various ways to color hair quickly with as many colors as they want and with less mess. It is a new and easy way to color hair.

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