Make Lactose Free Milk At Home With Very Easy Steps

make lactose free milk

Commercial milk is free from lactose(a type of sugar present in the milk that is difficult for some people to digest). Commercial milk makers make lactose-free milk by adding lactase(an enzyme produced by the people who can tolerate lactose)to it. This further breaks the lactose in the body presents thus making the milk safe to drink for a lactose intolerant person.

Though lactose-free milk is as same as any kind of regular milk, with the same nutrients, same taste, and texture, the best part is you can also use lactose-free milk to make a kind of milk recipe instead of regular milk. 

Know-How To Make Lactose Free Milk At Home With Some Easy Trick

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If you insist on buying lactose-free milk from outside, then you will have to pay more money to the shopkeeper. Why is it so? It is so because it requires some extra steps and hard work to separate the lactose from the milk. If you want to save your money, you can turn the regular milk into lactose-free milk by adding lactase in it. You can buy lactase enzymes from any of the stores, or you can order it online from amazon. 

To fully remove the lactose, you need to give time to the enzyme to completely react with the milk(24 hours). The amount of lactose removed from the regular milk will totally depend on the amount of lactase you added to it. 

Moreover, making lactose-free milk will also prevent you from drinking the cooked milk that shopkeepers give instead of actual lactose-free milk.

Its Time To Know The Benefits Of Making Lactose Free Milk At Home

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It Becomes Easier To Digest For Some People 

There are many people who are born with the ability to digest lactose, but with the passing of time, it changes. So, if you make lactose-free milk at your home, it will become easy to digest.

Gives The Same Nutrients As The Regular Milk

Home-made lactose-free milk gives the same nutrients as regular milk. There is no change in texture, taste, or color. But it does give a chance, and that is no more lactose in the milk.

It Might Taste Better Than Your Regular Milk 

Lactose is solely responsible for this kind of behavior. When lactase is added to the milk, it divides the milk into glucose and galactose. Thus, making it sweeter than regular milk.


Make lactose-free milk with this easy trick, and there will be no need to buy lactose-free milk from outside. You can now make your own lactose-free milk at home, and the next part is you can also sell it at cheaper rates than the shopkeeper.

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