Lactose Free Yogurt For Healthier Lactose Intolerance

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Lactose free yogurt is a term that is starting to pop up more. It may seem strange to think that something as sweet as yogurt could be on the list of “don’t eat” foods, but the simple fact is that many people are starting to understand just how damaging high amounts of sugar can be to the human body. Most people know that they should avoid refined carbohydrates as much as possible, but high amounts of sugar in foods are actually even more harmful than poor carbohydrates. Lactose free yogurt is one way that people are figuring out that they can enjoy a delicious yogurt dessert without having to dig into their pantry cupboards for more glucose.

Different Types Of Lactose Free Yogurt

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There are a number of different types of yogurt that are lactose free. The most popular is probably lactobacillus acidophilus. This is a naturally occurring bacterium that usually shows up in yogurt when it is strained. When it is combined with other beneficial bacteria, however, it helps to get the body back in balance.

Many yogurts will still contain the lactose so people will have to choose wisely. In order for any yogurt to really work, it needs to have about 50% lactose removed. That means that not only would you need to go for the unflavored varieties, but you would also want to see if the yogurt was aged enough to do the trick. Some of the older yogurts may come with an added sugar free component to help, so always check before purchasing.

The older yogurt does have a very strong flavor and most people will not like the taste at all. That does not mean, however, that all hope is lost. A lot of the new yogurt that is being sold today is very tasty and will not be too hard to prepare. That means that people with diabetes can enjoy a delicious dessert anytime without worrying about their blood sugar levels.

Ingredients Used In Lactose Free Yogurt

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Of course, there are also those who say that if a dessert cannot be made from a living thing, then it is not good for anyone. It is hard to argue with this logic because all living things contain lactose, and some people with special health conditions should never consume anything that they will be consuming. Lactose free yogurt is one such item. Yogurt is not the only dessert that contains this particular substance, so it is safe to assume that all yogurts should have this removed from them as well.

There are two major makers of this type of yogurt. One of these manufacturers isurized, which means that the sugar has been removed before the yogurt is added to the recipe. The other offers raw, natural yogurt. Each of these kinds of yogurts has its own benefits and advantages. Some of the benefits of the raw, natural kind include:

Benefits Of Lactose Free Yogurt

Most of the recipes that call for lactose-free yogurt can also be made from other fruits, such as: banana, pineapple and even oranges. These yogurts do not usually need to be refrigerated. Some people claim that the texture is slightly different when these products are added to other items, but many people will agree that it is no different than any other sweet treat that can be found in a store. Some claim that adding this type of product to a recipe actually gives it a better taste than other ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The biggest benefit to lactose free yoplait is the fact that it does not add any additional calories to your diet. This can help those who are trying to lose weight. You do need to make sure that you read all of the details in recipes that are intended to contain this type of dairy product. Those that claim to have no calories are not telling you the truth, because you do have to count the calories in your own diet.

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