Lactose-Free Cheese: Why Should You Opt For It?

Lactose Free Cheese: Why Should You Opt For It

Introduction To Lactose-Free Cheese

Are you suffering from lactose intolerance? Then, you must avoid food items loaded with lactose. Otherwise, it can result in some unpleasant digestive issues, including bloating and cramping. If you are fond of cheeses but wonder about their eligibility in your diet, you are in luck. There are several lactose-free types of cheese in the market. Therefore, lactose-intolerant people may relish these cheeses with moderateness. Here, we discuss these different kinds of lactose-free cheeses.

Cheeses With Low Lactose Content

Milk is not suitable for everybody due to its lactose content. However, alternatives are there to get rid of this problem. Nine types of cheeses are available, which come with fewer sugar contents. Remember, milk comes with a lactose content of 4.8 percent. Thus, it can result in lactose intolerance.

Lactose Free Cheese: Why Should You Opt For It
Lactose-Free Cheese: Why Should You Opt For It?

Cheeses with the low lactose content include:



Cheddar (sharp as well as mild varieties)







Muenster comes with a lactose range of 0-1.1%. Camembert, however, features the lactose range of 0-1.8%. On the other hand, Brie contains 0-2% of the lactose range. The sharp and mild varieties of Cheddar features 0-2.1% of the lactose range.

Notably, Provolone comes with the lactose range of 0-2.1%. The lactose range of Gouda is 0-2.2%. Parmesan features the lactose range of 0-3.2%. The Blue cheese features the lactose range of 0-2.5%. Lastly, the Swiss cheese comes with the lactose range of 0-3.4%.

What’s More About Lactose-Free Cheese?

Nowadays, busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules welcome fatty foods to the diet. Thus, lactose-free cheese is an ideal option to have something healthy. Do you want to experience freshness in the morning? Then, you must perform small changes to your diet. Substituting conventional cheeses with lactose-free cheeses is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Many people are now looking for avoiding saturated fats in their diet. What is the solution for cheese buffs? They can opt for the different kinds of lactose-free cheese. Nonetheless, they do not need to compromise consistency and flavor. They can, therefore, get rid of fat as well as unhealthy diets.

Why To Choose Lactose Free Cheese

If someone’s family has a history of heart problems, he/she must avoid saturated fats. This includes traditional cheeses as well. Moreover, aging also comes with various health risks. Therefore, it is a must to control the diet. It is also essential to search for healthier substitutes for delicious food items.

Lactose Free Cheese: Why Should You Opt For It
Lactose-Free Cheese: Why Should You Opt For It?

You might have heard about low HDL and high HDL. Consequently, the risk of heart problems and stroke are also there. Hence, it is a must to opt for proper kinds of fats. Choosing non-animal-based foods (lactose-free cheese) varieties help to form a balanced diet.


Remember, you can expect more lactose content when the cheeses are fresh. With this, lactose-intolerant people must stay away from creamier types of cheeses. It includes cottage or ricotta cheeses. The key reason for digestive problems due to lactose is its sugar component. Naturally, hard, aged cheeses are low in sugar. That means they put less pressure on the stomach.

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