Kefir Yogurt – Is It A Good Option For Those On A Lactose Free Diet

kefir yogurt lactose free

Many people don’t realize that kefir can also be enjoyed in a probiotic glass! Kefir is made by fermenting kefir milk or kefir cheese in a small container. The culture used to make kefir milk is called kefir and although it is sometimes easier to add sugar to make kefir milk, you can also use a natural sweetener.

Kefir Yogurt Lactose Free has 13 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 13 grams of protein, and 90 calories per serving. It’s also low in fats and sugars. It’s one of the more reasonably priced milk free kefir yogurt brands. You can even find it at most health food stores and is widely available online.

Who Do Not Digest Milk Products

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People who do not digest milk products well sometimes find kefir yogurt very beneficial. It can help introduce the friendly bacteria in our digestive tract that normally keep the bad stuff out. A great many people who have digestive problems also benefit from kefir yogurt on a regular basis. One of the reasons why milk free kefir yogurt is a popular alternative to regular milk is that it is also lactose free.

Some people take milk to help them tolerate pregnancy and lactose intolerance more easily. Sometimes people don’t want to drink milk, but they need to consume it in other ways to compensate for other issues. Some people who are also lactose intolerant can’t tolerate the same foods that others can eat, so they have to take milk substitute products to meet their nutritional needs. Kefir has the same benefits for lactose intolerant people that milk has.

Digestive Ailments Or Heartburn

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Many people who suffer from digestive ailments or heartburn in general drink less milk to help these conditions. If you are drinking less milk you may find kefir a better way to sweeten your beverage without going through the problems associated with drinking too much milk. The bacteria found in kefir are the same ones found in milk that help to break down lactose in the stomach.

Another benefit of kefir yogurt is how easy it is to make. It does not take much effort or time to make. Simply mix together 2 cups of water, some honey and kefir yeast. Stir to mix. Drink an entire glass of the mixture in just over an hour and you will soon feel its effects.

Kept Chilled When Used

The heir must be kept chilled when used. Keeping it at room temperature will make it much harder to drink less of. Many people choose to refrigerate the kefir yogurt for a day or two and reheat a portion. Drinking a glass of the warm kefir straight out of the fridge is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of kefir yogurt. This beverage can also be made into delicious cookies and cupcakes for special occasions.

There are many benefits to refer to, especially for those who suffer from digestive ailments. It will help to replace the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract that are destroyed when you eat foods with a higher concentration of sugar, yeast and lactose. Many people report great results with this dairy substitute. So, if you have been told that you should avoid milk and that you should also avoid dairy products in general, but you do not like the taste of dairy, try kefir to enjoy the rich flavor of this dairy alternative.

An Excellent Drink For Any Time Of The Day

Kefir yogurt makes an excellent drink for any time of the day. You can enjoy it anytime without having to worry about getting sick of the taste of dairy. Drinking kefir yogurt will help your digestive system to get rid of the toxins that milk can cause in your system. It is also a great way to enjoy a delicious dessert in the middle of the day.

As delicious and nutritious as yogurt can be, there are still some people who should steer clear of milk in their diet. The reason is that there is still evidence to suggest that milk does carry a certain amount of bacteria that can be bad for the digestive system. Many people report that consuming too much milk can be very uncomfortable. Those who are lactose intolerant may find that they cannot tolerate even the less-than-ideal forms of milk. In addition, for pregnant women and people who need certain dairy proteins, the lack of milk in their diets can be difficult to deal with.


Kefir Milk is a good option if you are looking for a way to enjoy an ice cream alternative. However, it should not replace milk, especially in terms of the types of products that milk is made of. If you have a strict diet or are lactose intolerant, this type of product may be a good option for you, though you may want to try other milk alternatives first.

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