Is Glutino Foods the Original and Best Lactose Free Yogurt

yoplait lactose free yogurt

Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt is advertised as a healthy alternative to most brands of yogurt. It is advertised as tasty and nutritious, and it’s a perfect solution for people who want to eat yogurt without the lactose. But does it live up to those claims? Let’s see.

I’d like to begin by saying that I’ve always had a problem with lactose intolerance. I find it extremely difficult to digest, and it causes my body to suffer greatly. I’ve tried dozens of brands of yogurt over the years, and I always end up coming out with small, itchy cramps after eating. That’s why I never really considered this kind of yogurt a healthy choice.

Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt

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When I first looked at Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt, though, I assumed it was going to be the same as most brands. I hadn’t read much on the company or the product itself, so all I knew was that it was lactose free. Was I wrong? Did Yoplait really deliver?

The first thing I did when I decided to give Yoplait a try was to look for reviews. I expected to find that the company’s claims about the product were true. After all, they’d been advertising all over the place, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they were actually sincere. I quickly found what I was looking for: lots of positive feedback from people who’d used the yogurt variety.

Large Number Of Artificial Ingredients

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Unfortunately, what I found was a product with a large number of artificial ingredients in it. A large percentage of the yogurt ingredients consisted of artificial flavors, colorings, sweeteners, and preservatives. A large percentage of the yogurt was also artificially flavored, with added sugar and other artificial sweeteners. All of this was obviously designed to increase the longevity of the yogurt, but I’d never heard of Yoplait using ingredients like these to enhance flavor. While I’d expected the company to sprinkle some sugar onto the yogurt to draw me in, they didn’t use any sugar or artificial sweetener.


When I checked the list of ingredients against the Yoplait website, I was surprised to see that there weren’t any sugar-free yogurt listed. Instead, the website said that their products contained ‘natural’ flavors. My next concern was how natural those ingredients had to be. Since Yoplait uses natural yeast cultures, I assumed that the ‘natural’ yogurt must have had those cultures in it somehow. I started to question how they could sell a product that used the yeast cultures as an ingredient, when it’s natural components are all that the company advertises.

Final Words

The Yoplait founder and CEO also spoke at our event, stressing that organic and whole foods play an important role in maintaining good health, and preventing chronic disease. I was impressed by their passion and commitment to providing high-quality products. I also learned that Glutino Foods was one of the first companies to develop the Yoplait line of’smart foods’, incorporating patented technologies designed to help participants maintain good health, without relying on expensive, dangerous pharmaceuticals. At the end of the day, it seemed as if Yoplait was just another company trying to get into the organic dairy-making business. After my experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a healthy and effective dairy alternative.

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