How to Substitute Butter for Dairy-Free Diets

Dairy-Free Butter Substitute

Butter is a staple when it comes to cooking, baking, and spreading. We just can’t get enough of its sweet and creamy taste. Bread is stale without it, baking is nothing without butter, and choosing for a healthy version is great.

If you are a little worried about the butter’s several downsides regarding calories and saturated fats, you can use our guide for dairy-free alternatives for butter. You will surely never use dairy products again in your life.


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Margarine is usually dairy-free and is considered as the go-to alternative for butter. Like butter, these portions of margarine give the same results when cooking and baking. They even make a fair and tasty spread.

However, some margarine brands contain dairy, so you have to ensure that you properly check labels and ingredients. Reading the nutrition facts will come in hand especially if you are counting your carbs and fats.


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This method works well as a dairy-free butter alternative in pastries, cookies, icing, and pie puffs. Just be mindful of its taste when it comes to the frosting because several people are not fond of the results.

Be careful because some shortening still includes dairy. Read the label and nutrition facts on the packaging. We do not want you to consume tricky brands that only mind making a profit from consumers.

Oils for Cooking and Baking

Besides margarine, cooking or baking oils are the typical household alternative for butter. Depending on your practical skills and patience, you can even make it work and use these in baking.

Our first tip is to use lesser oils when you want to give these oils a try to bake your favorite sweets. Another recommendation is to be wary of the flavor and the smoke point when choosing the right oil.

Fruit Purees

These are for baking savvy out there. You can use fruit purees by blending apple pulp or a handful of prunes and voila! You have an adequate substitute for butter.

Nutritional Yeast

Many people are fond of nutritional yeast when it comes to making popcorns. With the use of nutritional yeast and an added olive oil touch, you’re all set for your movie night.

Yeasts are becoming more popular nowadays so that you won’t have any problems looking for them. You can easily find them around any baking aisle or in any food sections.

Coconut Butter

Hold that thought; these are not coconut oils. These are the meat of the coconut ground into a paste. You can find these coconut kinds of butter online. Just remember that these are excellent in cooking and baking but not for spreads.

There are many kinds of butter that are healthy. You can substitute it with a dairy one because too much dairy is not healthy. If you are on a diet plan choose a dairy-free one to avoid bad fats in your system. Do you know any more dairy-free alternatives for butters to add to our list? Share them with us!

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