How To Prepare Lactose Free Frozen Yogurt

lactose free frozen yogurt

It can also be beneficial for those who want to avoid bloating and gas during the rising phases of a lactose intolerance attack. Most of us know that when it comes to dairy, it is all about the fats. But did you know that a surprising number of yogurts out there contain lactose? And while many people do not realize it, lactose is a sugar that can play havoc with your health.

Did you know that some of the world’s best cheeses like Gouda and Camembert are also lactose free? These types of cheeses have one or more ingredient sources that are derived from milk. If you are going to use milk-based products in your diet to reduce or eliminate your lactose intolerance symptoms, then it is important that you choose the right products. Lactose free frozen yogurt is an easy way to go. There are a variety of lactose-free options out there.

Lactose-Free Products Do Not Contain Lactose

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As a general rule, lactose-free products do not contain lactose. This includes all yogurts, and other yogurt products. Some brands of lactose-free frozen yogurt may also have an option for lactose-free or lactose-reduced yogurts. Just look for the word “lactose” in the label. (You can also check the back of the container to see if there are any ingredients that may clue you into what the product is.)

Most of the lactose-free frozen yogurt out on the market today does not use true lactose. In order to be listed as lactose free, the yogurt must have a lactase enzyme added to it at some point during the production process. This is to prevent the sugar from converting into lactose, which will then be absorbed into the milk. The goal is to make the product as near identical to regular yogurt as possible.

The Product Becomes Somewhat Of A Hassle To Find

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While this may seem like the most desirable type of product, there are lactose intolerant people who do not react to the standard varieties of dairy products, such as cow’s milk. Therefore, the product becomes somewhat of a hassle to find. Fortunately, companies are starting to realize this, and therefore, more free frozen yogurt is coming onto the market. There are even lactose-free ice cream yogurts.

For most people, lactose-free frozen yogurt is going to taste just like regular yogurt. However, in order to really enjoy it, you will want to add a bit of honey or other sweetener. It tastes better if you stir it and mix it up a bit. You can also sprinkle a little bit of the lactose-free alternative onto the ice.

Reactions And Digestive Discomfort

Even though you are able to consume a great deal of lactose-free products, there are still some people who will experience reactions and digestive discomfort when they take them. You can ease these symptoms by choosing one that has a smaller amount of lactose in it. Most products contain about 2 teaspoons per serving. If you are sensitive, you may want to start with that amount and work your way up to the full amount at a later time.

Final Words

To make lactose-free frozen yogurt, you first need to purchase a product that has a zero sugar content. This is important because people who are lactose intolerant cannot take products that have sugar. If possible, choose an organic product and look for yogurt that contains no artificial sweeteners. The longer you make it, the less it will take to sweeten it up. Once prepared, you can enjoy it whenever you desire.

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