Gluten and Dairy Free Butter Chicken Recipes

gluten and dairy free butter

A great new product to hit the market is Tarte Tarts. As they have absolutely no gluten or dairy, this makes them a safe alternative for those with food allergies. Also made with all natural gluten free ingredients such as potatoes and rice flour, these tasty tarts can also be eaten without dairy or gluten! These delectable treats are made by the worlds best chefs, and use many of the same recipes that their regular counterparts do.

An Overview

So why did Chef Stephanie Schmeller create gluten and dairy free butter tarts? Her answer was simple: because after years of developing delicious and healthy recipes for her many cooking shows, she noticed that many of her audience were avoiding gluten and dairy in favor of vegetable protein. As a result, she developed an airtight container that could keep the food in one place while letting it retain it’s flavor and moisture. Her audience loved the fact that they could eat these tasty snacks without worrying about harmful ingredients. The next step was to develop a delicious recipe line, and that’s exactly what Stephanie did with her second cookbook “The Gluten-Free Kitchen Diet”.


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Many gluten and dairy free diets look alike. There are some minor differences, but they can still look and taste similar to traditional desserts. In this cookbook, however, the recipes are presented in a unique and fun format, using a unique design that has never been used before. It also includes easy to follow directions and delicious recipes that everyone will enjoy. With the help of easy to follow recipes, you can make gluten and dairy free butter tarts, cornbread oatmeal cookies and much more.

Another great thing about this cookbook is that it comes in just one book. You don’t have to buy two or three other cookbooks to cook with. You can get everything you need in one convenient place thanks to “The Gluten-Free Kitchen Diet”, which helps you become more educated about foods that are wheat and dairy free. You can use this information in your everyday cooking to create delicious dishes with ingredients that you know are healthy. This gluten and dairy free butter tarts dessert table will surely be a hit at your Thanksgiving gatherings.

Making Tips 

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One dish you might like to try out is a delicious gluten and dairy free butter chicken. Using fodmap stock cubes, you can make a tasty gravy for your chicken that is very similar to chicken stock. Instead of buying the stock cubes at the store, you can easily make them yourself. You simply take a few minutes and follow the easy directions. You will be surprised at how good a good fodmap stock cubes recipe really can be!

Another recipe that you may want to try out for your Thanksgiving feasts is one that has been made popular in recent years by “The Happy Healthy Chef”. This recipe uses brown rice flour, corn meal, and tapioca starch as main ingredients. You mix all of these ingredients together in a pan to make a thick and rich cornmeal batter. After this, you throw in some cheese, chicken thighs, vegetables, cranberries, a bit of sea salt and pepper, and you are off to a great family style Thanksgiving dinner!

The third recipe I am going to share with you for your gluten and dairy free butter tarts is called “Cranberry Sauce and Pinwheels”. You will combine coconut milk, sweetener, eggs, ganache, and cranberry sauce. You then roll out thin strips of coconut dough and cut these strips into pinwheels. You then cook the pinwheels in the boiling coconut milk mixture until they are almost set, then remove them from the pan and lay them on a plate.


After this, you spoon some of the prepared sauce over the chicken and you are good to go. You can make these low fodmap slow cooker recipes a week ahead and freeze them. Just be sure to drain out the prepared sauce on a separate day to use it for your gluten and dairy free butter chicken.

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