Delicious And Nutritious Lactose Free Organic Yogurt, Cheeses, And Other Dairy Products

lactose free organic yogurt

It is so versatile that it is easy to make it part of nearly every meal that you eat. The only thing that you will have to do is use it in the right way and then decide whether you want to consume it that way or in a dessert.

To make the yogurt, simply combine one cup of fresh strawberries, one cup of nonfat yogurt and one cup of ground flaxseed or soybeans. In addition, you may like to replace the strawberry sauce with a sweetener, like honey. You can substitute the ground flax seed or soybean meal for any reason, including the reasons why you’re creating this dairy-free alternative.

An Oat And Walnut Bar

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To create a delicious dessert, stir in one tablespoon of dried pineapple, a few tablespoons of sugar, two teaspoons of pure cane sugar and a quarter-cup of grade B maple syrup. The result is a very rich dessert that includes both good bacteria and good fats, such as those found in nuts. To make a high quality vegan cheesecake, substitute vegetable yogurt (that has no lactose) for the cream cheese. It’s even better if you substitute half or triple cream cheese for the whole milk cheesecake.

Another healthy dessert idea using real food and lactose free organic yogurt is to make an oat and walnut bar. Combine one tablespoon of brown rice flour with one tablespoon of dried pineapple seed oil and one tablespoon of dried hazelnuts. Mix them until they are completely blended. Then, add a quarter teaspoon of dried Rosemary, a quarter teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and cinnamon and you have a delicious snack that is both nutty and delicious.

Make A Wheat Cracker Spread

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If you are feeling really adventurous, experiment with creating a cheese spread with a variety of cheeses. To make a wheat cracker spread, simply mix three quarters of a cup of sour cream, a quarter cup of raw cashews, a quarter teaspoon of dried red pepper flakes, and a pinch of salt. You can also experiment with different vegetables by mixing chopped apricots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, baby carrots, kale leaves, spinach leaves, beets, carrots, and pears. Use your imagination, and you will never be stuck for dessert again!

For breakfast or desserts, you might want to try making a yogurt and berries pan. This delicious pan freezes beautifully so you can serve it right out of the freezer or take it to work with you. To make this pan, melt a medium-size piece of goat cheese on a skillet until it is melted. Add one tablespoon of brown sugar, about two cups of fresh raspberries, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of flour. Mix until smooth, and spoon the mixture into your pan, spreading the bubbles out so they do not stick.

Green Valley Organics

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Enjoy a delightful meal, complete with dessert and a soothing ice cream before you head off to bed! When you shop at Green Valley Organics, you can be confident that you are buying high quality, healthy, and all natural products that are suitable for diabetics, lactose intolerant people, and those on the lactose-intolerant diet. The next time you go shopping for yogurt, cheeses, and other dairy-based foods, don’t forget to check out the all-natural food products offered by green valley organics.

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