Dairy Free Gluten Free Butter and Frozen Desserts

dairy free gluten free butter

There are two celiac or gluten intolerant options in food that need to be altered: one is to use a gluten-free food replacement, while the other is a gluten-free dairy product. In the dairy-free category are three top-rated items that have undergone a complete makeover: yogurt, ice cream, and dairy cream. As the name indicates, the absence of gluten or dairy in these products allows other natural and healthy ingredients, which are also beneficial for our health. For example, the lack of fats or lactose in dairy products can help increase cholesterol levels.


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Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy-free alternative items. It has several health benefits, such as adding vitamins and minerals essential to our everyday diet. Some people are allergic to dairy products, especially when they are not organic, so using them becomes problematic. The use of non-organic yogurt can be harmful to those with lactose intolerance because the ingredients in non-organic yogurt may contain lactose, a sugar derived from milk, which is digested by the body only after digesting other ingredients. As a result, a person with lactose intolerance may experience stomach cramps, diarrhea, or bloating.

Almond Milk

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Since almond milk is the main ingredient, people with celiac disease can enjoy its use without any problems. Using flour made of wheat flour (gluten-free) can make the product dry out a bit and inhibit the growth of beneficial bacteria, a part of the digestive process. Moreover, wheat flour is a complex carbohydrate, which means that it has a high glycemic index, which can raise blood glucose levels very quickly. This is why some people feel better after consuming a bowl of oatmeal made with whole-grain flour, while others need a glass of almond milk to make them feel better.

Oat Or Flaxseed Oil

The next option which is better than almond and soy is oat or flaxseed oil. It may take some time to digest, but the oil has high saturated fat and magnesium content. This is an excellent alternative to dairy-free butter. However, some people do not like the taste of these oils, and they feel that coconut oil, rice bran, and hemp oil (which is also high in fats) are better substitutes.

Grape Seed Oil

Like peanut butter, grape seed oil can be applied to bread pans immediately after the bread has cooled down. However, you should avoid using vegetable oil, olive oil, or cottonseed oil in bread pans, as they can clog the drip tray during baking. You might be interested to know that some gluten-free foods contain a substance called quinoa. It has all the proteins ( peptides ) and healthy vitamins ( thiamin, biotin, folic acid, etc. ) that you need. You can substitute quinoa with almond or coconut oil for your favorite gluten-filled dessert recipes.

How To Find More Gluten-Free Products?

You can find lots of other healthy gluten-free dairy-free recipes by searching online. One popular recipe that many people have found is oatmeal chocolate chip bread. It is pretty simple to make. You can start by buying some gluten-free whole wheat bread from the health food store and flour them with 1% quinoa. After that, you can make a paste out of tapioca starch and almond milk or another alternative.

Final Lines

When you have used all your ingredients, you can finish your dish with some delicious whipped toppings like fresh strawberries, chopped peaches, walnuts, blueberries, or whatever fruits you want. There are plenty of dairy-free recipes that will taste delicious but won’t cause any harm to your diet at all. As you can see, there are lots of delicious dairy-free recipes that you can find on the internet. Just remember that you should always choose the healthier alternative for your favorite recipes if you want to stay healthy. The healthier option will provide you with more nutrients and vitamins. You will also be able to eat a lot more without worrying about any negative consequences.

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