Coconut Milk Alternatives For You To Start Testing

alternative to coconut milk

Do you like to put coconut milk in most dishes you prepare just because you are lactose intolerant? But do you feel that you also need to find some alternative to coconut milk so that there is a variety in taste? In Asian countries, coconut milk is trendy, and it is one of the most amazing ingredients in baking and cooking. But if you do not have it at home, numerous replacements are available that can substitute this ingredient. Today we’re going to talk about the alternative to coconut milk so that you can use them without any problems. They are easy to Grab at any departmental store, and you can also order them online.

Soy Milk

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Did you know that soya milk is one of the best alternatives you can have for coconut milk, and it has less fat content? In most of the recipes, you can have it at a 1:1 ratio. One cup of this milk will give you 7 grams of protein, which is much more than what you can get from coconut milk. If you want the nutritional content to be better than soya milk is the option to go for. If you want to have a taste of the coconut, you can add coconut flavoring essence to bring out the perfect taste. 

Almond Milk

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If you want, you can also go for unsweetened almond milk, which is a replacement with great potential. It is shallow in calories, and you can put it inside baking goods, smoothies, and cereals. It has low-fat content as compared to coconut milk, so you cannot find the creaminess. If you want, you can add 15 ml of lemon juice to about one cup of milk. Adding the coconut flavor will be a bonus, but you should not put it in any of the creamy dishes. 

Cashew Milk

It is a coconut milk alternative that is very creamy and tasty, and you can put it in sauce soup and smoothies. It has a thick texture, and you can almost feel that it is like cow milk. It is shallow in calories and protein, but if you are not undergoing a diet, you can put cashew milk in most of the recipes. For example, it is suitable for making lemon chicken, and you can add herbs to the taste. 

Oat Milk

Oat milk is one of the popular options when it comes to adding in the coffee. It is an excellent plant product that most vegans can have, and you can use it in recipes with high heat requirements. It is pretty sweet and high in carbohydrates, and it is high in beta-glucan as well. 

Bottom Note

There are numerous alternatives to coconut milk, and you just have to put them in the right kind of recipe. Try testing them and experimenting with the food choices, and you will not have to regret it. You can also try some other options like Hemp milk, Rice Milk, and Spiced Milk

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