Best Whole Milk Substitute For Baking

whole milk substitute

There are many reasons why a whole milk substitute would be a good thing for you to try. For starters, whole milk has many more nutrients than other types of milk that you find in supermarkets. Whole milk also provides a number of vitamins and other beneficial nutrients that you would not get in a typical carton or bottle of regular milk.

Here s where the best whole milk substitute can be used in baking and recipes, which includes non dairy alternatives. First, when baking with milk, be careful not to over bake. The longer you bake with it, the harder it will be to break down the cakes with cream cheese. If you do bake with it, use two different cups of milk. Also, be careful not to add too much cream in the recipes. Too much cream can make the cake heavy and difficult to cut into a wedges.

An Overview

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A whole milk substitute that you can use in place of skim milk is 2% fat free or reduced fat plain yogurt. Using this in place of skim milk in any recipe can reduce the fat and calories of the recipe. This is because fat is not contained in yogurt, so using it will replace skim milk without replacing the bad bacteria ( lactobacilli) in the body that can cause unhealthy bad breath.

Another great use for whole milk substitute is in baking and dessert recipes. Since powdered milk does not brown as much as whole milk, it can be used on fruit cakes and other desserts. Since it does not brown, the powdered milk does not stick to the cake. Using this in place of skim milk in cakes and other desserts gives the cake a finer texture and makes it easier to cut.

Use of whole milk in cooking is also beneficial to those who do not like the taste of full fat soups and stews. They can be used instead of thickening agents such as flour. If used along with other ingredients, it thickens the soups and stews, thus making it tastier. For example, if one is looking to bake a chicken, one may use chicken stock and onion in place of water. Whole milk helps to thicken the stock so it does not stick to the chicken. Therefore, instead of chicken noodle soup with just noodles, one may choose to cook a chicken stock along with carrots, onions and potatoes for a lighter dish.

Milk Substitutes for Baking

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Whole milk can also be added to baking recipes in order to change the flavor and texture of the final product. It can help to thicken soups, sauces and dressings without changing the cream or butter. It also adds moisture to cake batter, which helps to make it light and fluffier. In fact, whole milk is sometimes used as an ingredient in cake recipes to make it lighter and healthier. This allows people with diabetes to enjoy dessert more because it makes the desserts taste better and are more moist than other types of cake or frosting.

Whole milk can also be used in conjunction with the cream in a recipe. This is particularly helpful for recipes that call for heavy cream or butter. Whole milk may be melted into the ingredient during the process of mixing it with the other ingredients. When this is done, the final product has a richer flavor and texture, which may be preferable over using half-and-half or butter.

Because whole milk is more expensive than other dairy products, some may question how to find the best whole milk substitute. Recipes that call for white or skim milk can still use the yogurt in order to reduce the cost. However, people may also want to look for yogurt that contains a small amount of whey. This allows people with a lactose intolerance to enjoy recipes that use dairy without worrying about having a reaction. Therefore, it may take a bit of searching to find a recipe that uses yogurt effectively in baking recipes.

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