Best Milk Alternative for Hot Chocolate

Best Milk Alternative

Christmas season is coming right up, which means the cold season will soon embrace us. And if you’re sick of sipping hot chocolates, let us remind you that they are not the only drink that can keep you warm. Good thing we’ve sorted out the list of best milk alternatives for hot chocolate.

Of course, we have nothing against hot chocolate. We know that it becomes a staple drink during cold seasons for a reason. We figured that it’s also great to give alternatives for those people who are fond of milk, perhaps.

You can find milk as the primary ingredient in all these hot drinks that we’ve included in our list. We guarantee that you can enjoy these versions and will make you love the cold season even more!

Raw Cocoa

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If you want an easy fix, you can opt for raw cocoa. This drink is easy to make while also providing you with multiple nutritional benefits. The only ingredients that you’ll be needing for this are chia seeds, maca powder, and almond milk, and voila! You’re good to go.

Cocoa is the go-to chocolate drink because it has a rich flavor. It has a slight bitter taste but very satisfying to the mouth. But if you’re in a mood for something extra, you can always try and experiment on other elaborate recipes for this.

Hot Vanilla

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This one’s also a quick and basic procedure! Same as raw cocoa, you’ll only be needing three ingredients for this, such as milk or milk substitute, honey, and vanilla extract. Just continue to explore the perfect amount of ingredients to find the level of sweetness that best suits you.

Vanila is an underrated flavor but very flavorful when served hot. Partner this with your favorite cookie during cold times and you will have the perfect relaxed life.

Hazelnut Hot Choco

When you’re looking for a touch of creaminess in your drink, this one’s for you. Unlike the ones I’ve mentioned earlier, Hazelnut hot cocoa recipe requires a couple of ingredients like hazelnut milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, dark chocolate, sugar, and coarse salt. You can even come up with your homemade whipped cream to top in this drink.

This drink is fun, a little bit fancy, but still easy to make. It also has a powder form that is very easy to make. You just need to add hot water and it is ready. Besides, this might be the best milk alternative that you’re searching for!

Nut and Dairy Milk

These two will be your top pick when you want to level up the creaminess in your hot chocolate drink. Depending on your sweetness preference, you can switch up your milk into other varieties like soy, coconut milk, and more.

Hot chocolates are comforting to the heart. Enjoy this during the cold seasons and it is perfect for Christmas holidays. Do you have the best milk alternative that we didn’t know of? We’d love to add them to our list!

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