Best food to burnout of excessive calories


In the summer, many people have a desire to get rid of excess weight. However, everyone knows that diets are not effective because they deprive your body of useful elements and nutrients that it can get from food.

A diet with excessive calorie burning is a great alternative if you want to lose some weight. It’s not the best way of losing weight, because at least some food groups are excluded from your daily menu. But it’s an excellent choice when we know we will be scarce in time and we need to put on excess weight quickly and effectively.

How does ‘diet with excessive calorie burning’ work?

But how does this ‘diet with excessive calorie burning’ work? The only way to burn out the calories is to increase your physical activity. It can be done in different ways such as jogging, cycling or swimming. But the most popular and efficient method is to run.

Running is a very good exercise because it burns out over 700 calories per hour of running. But you can’t burn out all those calories with a sudden jog without training first. You must first train for two weeks and increase your speed or distance regularly until you reach the required pace or endurance level.

What are the rules of the ‘diet with excessive calorie burning’?

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The second phase is eating three meals a day but on every day different foods. This phase lasts for four weeks and it’s recommended to vary the foods in every meal. The only rule is that you must eat more than usual. But you can’t eat too much of the same food because that would lead your body to get used to it and you will lose excess weight.

What are good foods for this ‘diet with excessive calorie burning’?

Some examples of these foods are eggs, meat, rice or pasta (without sauces), some fruits (grapefruit is very good), and salted crackers. In this phase, you must also try to eat a lot of oatmeal, because it’s a natural diuretic that speeds up the burning of calories by eliminating water from your body.

What can be dangerous in this process?

You should know that there are some negative effects of a ‘diet with excessive calorie burning’ on your body. If you want to follow this process, you must schedule at least two days a week of rest during the training and four weeks of food intake.

If you don’t do that, then your body will burn calories quickly and it will start losing muscle tissue instead of fat. You can avoid this by training at least twice a week.

Also, you must make sure to eat enough proteins. They are very important for your body because it needs to maintain muscle mass and recover after a workout.

If you burn fat too quickly, then your skin can suffer in the end because of excessive weight loss. If that happens, don’t panic! You just have to eat some more proteins and fat to restore your skin’s good state.


Diet with excessive calorie burning’ is a great alternative for reducing weight, but it must be executed responsibly and the results you will get from following this process won’t be long-term. That is why if you want to lose weight, you must find a healthy and long-lasting regime that fits your needs.

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