A Comprehensive List Of Dairy Free Foods

dairy free peanut butter chips

There are many ways to enjoy creamy, cheesy, homemade smoothies using dairy-free peanut butter chips. This recipe originated in the Midwest (where bread is more of a staple) and has recently spread to other countries. If you’re on a diet trying to limit or eliminate unhealthy foods, this is one “diet” you don’t have to give up. A bit of investigation into the ingredients used in typical non-dairy smoothies shows that many of the recipes available at the store are full of high-calorie fatty oils, salt, and artificial flavorings.

Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Chips

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If you want accurate, paleo, natural food, use dairy-free peanut butter chips or cups, and voila! The biggest problem with mainstream smoothie recipes is that they usually call for either yogurt or tofu as an ingredient. These two proteins are loaded with calories and should be avoided if possible. Instead, making your smoothies allows you to use authentic, natural products that are healthy and good for you.

Creamy Peanut Butter Cookies

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One of my favorite dairy-free snacks is creamy peanut butter cookies. If you don’t have time for baking cookies, consider making a simple recipe using peanut butter and jelly or other favorite cookie ingredients. For a delicious, low fat, dairy-free alternative, substitute equal parts flour, brown sugar, and tapioca starch with tapioca. It will still taste like cookies, but you won’t add any dairy products. These make great, healthy snack options throughout the day.

Non-Vegetarian Cooking

Another dairy product frequently used in low-fat or non-vegetarian cooking often ends up in low-fat or fat-free desserts. I used to give away my last tub of its years ago when I retired from the public health profession. It seemed like such a waste to throw away something that didn’t even contain milk or cheese! The good news is that you can use dairy substitutes in any recipe where cream cheese is the desired ingredient. I recommend trying Roquefort (an egg-less, cultured cream cheese) or cream cheese.

Nuts Are Another Popular Dairy-Free Ingredient

They’re high in protein and excellent sources of healthy fats. Try grilling popcorn, making not-free popcorn tarts, or even smearing on warm bread and crackers. Almonds also make a great addition to creamy vegetable soups and sauces or salads. You’ll find many vegetarian recipes using almonds that are dairy-free as well.

How About Soy Milk?

It sounds like a strange item to be included in a “dairy-free” list, but fortunately, it is made with rice, nuts, and soybeans, so technically, it’s not technically dairy. But it is made with milk and eggs, so it is technically vegan. Even better, it usually has zero calories! Finally, some old-fashioned classics are dairy-free foods. Ice cream, chocolate, and yogurt come to mind. If you search for those items on the Internet, you will be surprised at the number of vegan choices you have! I love to eat chocolate, so a chocolate ice cream sandwich or chocolate-dipped bananas are a treat for me. I also enjoy organic yogurt that is made without whey or casein.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many healthy options when it comes to dairy-free foods. There are also many ways to incorporate them into your diet, making them more enjoyable than they may seem to be. So, before you decide to avoid dairy altogether, give these four possibilities a try. Chances are, they’ll make your current menu even tastier! Until next time, remember the adage: You can’t have too many options.

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